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Humane animal stunning begins already with the tribe of animals into the stunning trap. Particularly this part of the process should happen calm, stress-free and without any kind of electronic driver. Especially to the customers who are working with stunning-trap-system we are recommending the newest technology for the automatic tribe of animals.

Automatic tribe system for stunning of animals with fixation. Video (Eintrieb1.wmv)

The first condition for an effective stunning process is the correct placement of the electrode on the head of the animal. At this point the biggest part of current is flowing through the brain of animal.

 As a correct place for  an effective stunning  we are considering  following criterions:


To fulfill the "Humane-Animal-Stunning" process the current must flow trough the heart of the animal right after the head part had been finished. This is the second condition for an effective stunning process. In this case the heart chamber flickering will be activated, herewith the return to consciousness is impossible!

Another relevant point in accordance with the "Humane-Animal-Stunning" is the regular maintenance of the stunning machines and devices. Our experience shows that only regular checked systems can fulfill the requirement of "Humane-Animal-Stunning". Therefore is a regular maintenance necessary.

In order to proof electrical stunning and to control the stunning success avoiding eventual mistakes we are providing following devices:

Recording Device Printer:
Recording device FBTA and printer for recording of the animal - protection relevant stunning parameters. Continually automatic protocolling of the stunning parameters / independent recording and printing of the stunning data. Daily statistic with summarized data.

Recording Device PC:
Recording device FBTA and PC for recording of the animal - protection relevant stunning parameters and for optimizing the meat quality. Continually automatic recording of the stunning parameters and storage of the data on PC with the program FETlog. Detailed information for every single stunning event and a daily statistic.

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