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Stunning technology for the
stunning trap/restrainer

Stunning technology for the
stunning bay


::: These stunning devices are used mainly in the stunning trap or restrainer. Many large butchery´s and slaughterhouses are allready using this unique technology, which can be ordered either as semi- or fully-automatic system. Along with the stunning device we are providing an easy handling pneumatic tong (FBTZ). The pneumatic tong will increase the quality of stunning and it really does make your work easier. Your customers will be greatly satisfied with the meat quality.

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Picture stunning of pig (schweine.jpg)
Picture stunning of sheep (schafe.jpg)


::: To optimize the meat quality more and more companies are practicing the "Head-Heart" stunning method. We are supplying different devices for the stunning bay, which will help You to increase your stunning results. These kind of devices are only made for manual stunning of pigs or sheep. The fully isolated tong (EBZ) gives You more safety in the process of stunning. Only with the "Head-Heart" method You can get the best meat quality. As a consequence You not only do something for the animal care but also for your own name and your customers are happy about the meat quality.

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